Geographic Information System (GIS)


State and local governments are increasingly using Geographic Information System (GIS) to improve and optimize operation, workflow, citizen engagement, asset management, field data collection, disaster response, and data sharing. Taborda’s offerings provide government organizations with location intelligence; empowering citizens and employees through increased productivity and efficiency while also reducing costs. Taborda is the aggregator of Esri software for the State of California and an Esri Silver Partner. Taborda’s core GIS services include:
  • Cloud Migration & Hosting
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Deployment & Upgrade
  • Portal for ArcGIS Administration
  • ArcGIS Online Administration
  • Field & Office App Deployment
  • Data layers and Geodatabase Design
  • Spatial Analysis & Cartography
  • Public Hub, Engagement and Dashboard Creation
  • Advanced Security Management
  • Training & Troubleshooting