Remote Worker Solutions


Many organizations are focused on trying to improve their work-from-home capabilities to keep everyone safe and minimize exposure risks. The attached document lists the services that Taborda provides focus around while managing a remote workforce in a secure, collaborative, and efficient way.

Remote Workforce Enablement - Office 365

Provide a virtual workspace that helps the telecommuting worker stay productive and collaborative while at home. This virtual workspace will provide access to the information that workers have at work, as well as provide a place for workers to collaborate and communicate effectively with one another. Remote training sessions will be provided to help to employees understand how to fully leverage the tools, as well as provide training content and videos for on-going support.

Security Services and Offerings

Taborda Solutions Security Practice is committed to help customers and prospects meet short-term, COVID-19inspired remote worker initiatives.  While there are some employees that simply cannot fulfil their job functions remotely, we can help provide products and services to

Get users home: The bulk of employees utilize IT assets to access local and shared resources to execute their job function. These resources could be made available remotely to effectively isolate a large number of workers. Taborda is working with Trend to help provide base security controls for BYOD machines and leverage POV-like deployment of zScaler Private Access (ZPA) application on remote machines.

Get admins home: Users with privileged access or sensitive work roles will be more difficult to enable to work remotely.  Should the risk of infection be great enough to consider these users for remote work, additional controls will be required such as Centrify’s “remote jump host” capability that allows external users to access sensitive IT assets without exposing those resources to external threats.

Esri/ArcGIS Offering:

As the situation for COVID-19 evolves, Taborda Solutions is providing GIS resources to government agencies to understand, manage and communicate the impact of the pandemic by rapidly deploying an interactive and highly visible dashboard and quickly develop mission-critical actionable intelligence for the organization.

VPN Less Connection

Enable users to work remotely using virtual machines on Azure that is within the privileged network with any html 5 browser and without installing anything.

Remote Access to on-premise apps

Azure Active Directory’s Application Proxy provides secure remote access to on-premises web applications. After a single sign-on to Azure AD.

Forms and Workflow

Working from home makes paper-based forms and workflows nearly impossible to use. Will you use printers, scanners, and email to route commonly used forms? What if not all your remote staff have access to that equipment? Our workflow architects can quickly develop and publish electronic forms and simple workflows to replace your paper forms and keep your department running. No special applications to download, no need to deploy anything on people’s devices; all they need is a browser and an internet connection.