Meet Taborda's Teams

Executive Team

Jeff Smith200x200

Jeff Smith

michael ruelas

Michael Ruelas

Executive Vice President of Operations
Headshot of Joel Grein

Joel Grein

Senior Vice President of Sales
Photo of Yuliya Krikunova

Yuliya Krikunova

Vice President of Finance
Photo of Justin Edgar

Justin Edgar

Vice President of Security

Leadership Team

Headshot of Steven Garcia

Steven Garcia

Director, State of Caliifornia Sales
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Bear Williams

Contracts Director
Photo of Brianna Wirbick

Brianna Wirbick

Marketing Director

Mark Collins

Senior Development Team Manager
Tom Peffers-Headshot

Tom Peffers

Lead Cloud Architect
Photo of Eric Ogata

Eric Ogata

Lead Splunk Architect
Headshot of Kelly Reyes

Kelly Reyes

Senior Project Manager